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Who is Kendra?

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A certified leadership coach, dynamic speaker, accomplished writer, and opinion leader, Kendra has extensive experience working and coaching in high performance environments that measure success using multiple variables. She is passionate about working with cutting edge organizations that are committed to developing powerful, connected leaders who are willing to challenge themselves and the company they are a part of, in order to realize results and increase business impact.

Combining neuroscience of the brain, principles of energy management and experiential and creative coaching techniques, Kendra works with ambitious, intelligent, accelerated and emerging leaders who work in fast-paced and demanding environments; those who will help to determine the future of our businesses and communities in the next 25 years. She helps them expand their leadership capacity by becoming clearer and cleaner on what is important to them so they are better able to identify and make room for meaningful opportunities inside and outside of work.


Kendra believes that leadership is a lifestyle; it is ubiquitous, permeating, and impacts every area of our lives.

Kendra believes that leadership is a lifestyle; it is ubiquitous, permeating, and impacts every area of our lives. The dynamic tension between organizations and individuals is changing and becoming more of a designed alliance ~ one where leaders and organizations are learning to personalize, embody, communicate, and operate from their values in order to accomplish objectives and achieve global, life changing, visions. Today’s leaders are redefining their relationships with people, work, time, money, and location and are making more conscious, purposeful choices about where to focus their attention, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energy.

Kendra writes the Executive Career blog for the Financial Post newspaper and has contributed to many other respected publications and associations.

Kendra has been interviewed for CNN Business, wrote the Undercover Boss Canada leadership analysis featured in the Executive Post (2012), and has been featured on BizTV Canada.

Over the past 6 years, Kendra has built a strong team of associates that assist her in partnering with leading businesses and Ivy league schools across North America helping them to create cultures that engage and empower performance. Prior to that, she spent 4 1⁄2 years at Canada’s largest Human Capital Consulting firm (Knightsbridge Leadership Solutions).

An active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Kendra holds her Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) designation from The Coaches Training Institute and is a graduate of their intensive 10 month Leadership Program. She is also a designated Certified Neuroscience Transformational Coach (CNTC), certified in The Birkman Method assessment tool, and has earned a certificate in Social Psychology from Ryerson University. Kendra is an outdoor adventurer and has spent significant time leading at retreats in California and Wyoming, enjoys camping, canoeing, target practice, cycling, and dogsledding.

What is a Big Life?

Most people spend their entire lives on a treadmill; doing, going, rushing, and reacting to the circumstances of life. Their muscles and left-brain are fully flexed, and they’re clocking serious mph. It’s easy to get caught up in an adrenaline fueled fight-or-flight trance and to forget that the end destination on a treadmill…is into a wall.

The challenges and demands in our lives get bigger each day ~ new and more work, promotions, colleagues, bosses, mortgages, children, cars, friends, community contributions, and much more. As demands and obligations increase and the domains of our lives converge, we tend to shrink and harden or strive and consume more; as if buckling down and powering through will somehow lead us to happiness and freedom. Many people I’ve met have a strategy for success that looks like this: “If I work harder, I’ll be successful. If I’m successful, I’ll be happy.”

This formula is fundamentally flawed. What actually happens is that we work hard (do we ever!) reach our goal, and immediately set a new goal for ourselves. We never get to happiness because we keep pushing it over the cognitive horizon. It can become a perpetual cycle of striving and grasping. We’re left feeling exhausted, unfulfilled, unproductive, and anxious; and we’ve created neuropathways, mindsets, and habits that keep us small and impede our performance.

I’ve seen amazing things happen when leaders, companies, and clients decide to challenge their status quo; when they become clear on what success means to them, and what they’re willing to do to achieve it. Visions and goals are resonant and more vibrant. Clarity and commitment are magnified. Individual and team performance is elevated and business & life results are more meaningful, wider-spread, and longer lasting. Simply put: life gets better. 

My team of elite coaches and leaders believe and have demonstrated that powerful results are generated when individuals push up against their edges in order to get clear on what matters for the sake of success with intention. It’s A Big Life programs and coaching assists clients in identifying and simplifying what having “A Big Life” means to them, and then achieve it by:

– Taking a close look at personal beliefs and considering viewpoints & perspectives on all of the issues and opportunities in front of them
– Understanding motivators, beliefs, patterns, behaviours, and impacts or repeated effort.
– Creating focus, finding active energy renewal & recovery in fast-paced environments
– Clearly viewing their world through multiple leadership lenses to make it easier to create authentic alignment and drive results across multiple domains

Once you’ve experienced an It’s a Big Life program, you may still be doing 150mph, but you’ll find you have more resilience, more capacity, more confidence, and more engaged. Leadership is a lifestyle.


It’s your life. How BIG do you want it?

Praise & Media

“She is one of the most talented and engaging speakers I have ever met, as well as being on the cutting edge with leadership. She is very results oriented and client driven. Above the crowd!” AVP & HR Business Partner, Manulife Financial. Hired Kendra to design and lead 5 full-day career leadership sessions to empower and inspire teams and individuals.

“Kendra’s genuine enthusiasm and commitment for learning and understanding our brand has made her a natural extension of our team. Kendra is genuine and authentic and is consistently willing to adapt and revise the scope of projects to ensure the ultimate outcomes are met. I am constantly impressed with her knowledge and admire her leadership style. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Kendra’s work to another organization.” ~ Talent & HR lead at BMW Group Canada. Hired Kendra & her team to design and lead a multi-module annual leadership development program for high performing & high potential Associates plus coaching program.

“Kendra spoke to the group about networking; specifically about the need to actually build relationships – not just collect business cards. In fact, Kendra had the group actively participate in an exercise where they could immediately start using some of the tools about which she spoke.” ~ HR Director and Board Member & VP Communications, GTA Rewards Association. Hired Kendra to speak at the opening event for the Canadian Total Rewards Conference

“Empower. Engage, Inspire – These words truly characterize Kendra. I’ve attended a number of her seminars, including personal branding and relationship building. After each session, I always leave feeling empowered, engaged, inspired. Kendra’s enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly attitude is infectious! She’s motivated me to stay true to my values and authentic self, and understand that networking is really about creating connection and giving back. I’ve learned a lot from Kendra and she embodies exactly what her tagline says: Empower, Engage, Inspire.”

“Understanding how to apply the course content & training to personal as well as professional situations was welcomed. It was not perceived as ‘company propaganda’ but as a shared responsibility to succeed in all areas of our lives.” ~ Leadership program participant

“Took me out of my comfort zone and I feel as though I will be able to apply the benefits of the program to both work and every day life.”

“Excellent, excellent, excellent course! I will be making meaningful change in my daily practices – at work and at home!” “The program certainly got me thinking on areas of my focus. Well worth the time spent!”

“A great, informative session with really great tips!” “Kendra has so much energy and shares so much of herself ~ you can’t help but feel motivated!”

“Kendra is a fantastic speaker that shoots straight from the hip. She offers great advice in an easy to understand manner that gets you totally motivated. She’s smart, ambitious, and dedicated to what she does.” ~ Audience participant at a leadership keynote

“I had the pleasure of participating in one of Kendra’s recent speaker series and have been a recipient of her coaching. She was well spoken and delivered a very informative presentation that offered personal identification insight.” ~ Audience participant & individual client focused on brand and leadership impact

“Kendra understands the importance of integrity, branding and effective communications for both the organization and the employee. She also has a keen interest in creating conducive relationships that produce strong effective teams…and friendships.” ~ 1:1 client, The Richard Ivey School of Business EMBA program

“Her excitement and enthusiasm is infectious and motivational!” ~ Individual client focused on telling his true brand story.

“Kendra delivers the learning in a manner that people can really relate to!” ~ Audience participant at a leadership keynote

“Kendra was an amazing coach! She was attentive to each of us individually and created an environment in which we were comfortable speaking and sharing with each other.”

“Kendra was very attentive and sincere throughout all sessions and individual coaching session. I really appreciated that Kendra also made me feel very comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with her.”

“Kendra was a fantastic coach who made all of us feel both empowered as well as comfortable to obtain the maximum value from our experience. I hope to have an opportunity to work with Kendra again in the future.”

“Kendra has a very open personality and she helps you see things in different light.”

“Great listener and knows how to ask the right questions to get you in the right direction.”

“Kendra was truly invested in us both as a group and as individuals. She showed up each day energized, prepared, and genuinely concerned that we got the most out of the program. She was easy to share with and made the week a truly rewarding event.

”Kendra was a great coach. I was definitely skeptical about this whole program, but Kendra really got me thinking by her ability to really ask us questions that challenged us to really think. I could tell that she sincerely wanted to help us develop as persons and not just as employees. She was honest, thought provoking, and real. She kept our discussions moving and our talks always had significance. She showed real interest/investment in us and I’m grateful for that.”

“Kendra created a comfortable and inclusive environment for sharing thoughts and ideas. Her demeanor not only encouraged involvement from everyone in the group, but encouraged people to share thoughts that many would not be open to expressing in an alternative environment.”


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